August 10, 2020

Immigration Services

We take pride in helping our clients accomplish the American Dream by assisting in their efforts to obtain legal status in the United States. We strive to keep families together by helping our clients through the complicated immigration & application process.

Types of Immigration:

ICE Detention Visitation & Custody Proceedings

If anyone you know or a loved one is being detained at any detention facility in Louisiana, we are happy to help you through the Immigration and Customs Enforcement proceedings including obtaining a bond for release. We have experience at most of the detention centers including: Oakdale Detention, Basil Detention, LaSalle Detention, Pine Prairie Detention, and Winnfield Detention. We do in person visitation with the detainees when possible, and do our best to obtain our clients freedom and immigration rights.

ICE Parole Applications & Orders of Supervision

In certain situations Bond Hearings in order to obtain a bond are denied based on many different reasons. However, there is always an option for Parole with Bond through an ICE officer and/or Order of Supervision. This is an alternative option should you be denied the possibility for release on bond.

Family Based Immigration

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents can sponsor their immediate family members to immigrate legally. Whether it is through marriage or a family petition, you can reunite your family by applying for the appropriate visa program. Here at Fini Law Firm, work with you to identify what the best immigration option is, and in turn work towards achieving that goal.


DACA is meant to benefit immigrants who came to the United States as children, only individuals who arrived in the country before their sixteenth birthday are eligible. Applicants must be at least 15 when they apply and have been under the age of 31 on June 15, 2012. Under DACA, the U.S. government will not pursue the deportation of qualified individuals for two years.

Benefits of DACA:

DACA recipients may apply for a renewal of their deferred action and are encouraged to do so four to five months before the two years is up, as the approval process can take up to 120 days. Another key DACA benefit for undocumented individuals is the opportunity to receive employment authorization, also effective for a two-year period. Those requesting work authorization need to do so when they apply for DACA and must demonstrate what USCIS refers to as “an economic need” to work. Depending on one’s home state, deferred action may qualify recipients for other benefits, such as driver’s licenses and in-state tuition.

Employment Based Immigration

Businesses and Companies in the United States often look to other countries in the world for talented employees to complement their businesses services. If you have received an employment offer or are transferring to a U.S. branch of your current employer, contact us to handle your visa application.

Removal and Deportation Defense:

Contrary what most persons know and believe, there are several status legalization options to explore. The correct option solely depends on the facts of your case. If you, or anyone you know are at risk for deportation, now is the time to take action and legalize your immigration status.


The United States of America offers protection to those who suffer persecution in their own country based on religion, particular social groups, or political reasons. The Asylum application process is complex and requires extensive supportive evidence and documentation. Contact our team to assess your eligibility today.

Immigration News and Up to date Executive Actions on Immigration:

  • NON-Detained Individuals - Hearing Information

As previously announced, certain immigration courts have resumed non-detained hearings. Hearings in non-detained cases at courts without an announced date are postponed through, and including, July 31, 2020.

  • DACA Supreme Court Decision
    The Supreme Court Grants a winning decision for DACA Recipients! On June 18, 2020, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of DACA recipients. The Supreme Court agrees with the lower courts’ ruling that the Administration unlawfully ended the program. The Court’s decision restores the 2012 Obama Administration DACA policy in full. This is a sigh of relief to many.
  • What does this mean?
    The court’s decision should reopen DACA for new applicants, re-open “advance parole”, and allow current DACA recipients to continue to renew their status. It is good news for now, that the Supreme Court has sided with DACA recipients; however, it is still possible that the Trump Administration may try to repeal the program a second time. This is why it is important for DACA recipients to renew their protections as quickly as possible.

Temporary Visas

  • Tourist Visa - Vacation, Social Events and more.
  • Student Visa - Students entering the United States to Further their Education by attending an Academic Institution Full time in the US.
  • Fiance Visa - Engaged – Fiance visas in order move forward with marrying your United States Citizen partner.
  • H-1B Visa - Visas for persons who have obtained employment in the United States.
  • Executive Visa - Visas to continue working for your current employer but now in an abroad country, another location where your employer does business.
  • Investor Visa - Be temporarily admitted to the United States to invest your capital in the United States and start a business or in an existing business.
  • Religious Worker Visa - Visa in order to do religious work.
  • Business Visitor Visa - Visa to participate in commercial or business occurring here in the United States.
  • Visa Denials & Refusals - Help and Guidance if your visa application is denied.

Immigrant Visas:

  • Family Based Immigrant Visas - Immigrant Visas for immediate relatives of a United States Citizen or a lawful permanent resident

Green Card – Permanent Residents:

  • Adjustment of Status - Adjusting status from a Lawful Permanent resident and applying for United States Citizenship
  • Green Card Denials & Waivers - Green Card Application Denied? Wondering what to do now? We can Help!